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We're so glad you're here and interested in the incredible experience of SUP Yoga! While this experience can appear to be pure ultimate bliss (and in the right setting it IS), it is also important to be aware of the aspects that could potentially be dangerous and learn from an expert before going out alone. 

We have created an online journey to introduce you to SUP Yoga, including basic aspects of paddleboarding plus a full SUP Yoga Center Sequence with our Founder Jess Amendola. We have made this a low-cost course so that it can be accessible to you! 


How do I follow an online course on the water?
This course can be completed in your home before going out on the water, learning all of the necessary skills and techniques first, or if you're comfortable with it, set your phone up on a tripod on a nearby dock so that you can follow along with the class on the water! For those who are really comfortable on the water, you may even mount your phone to the nose of your board and practice along with me on the water! 

I'm nervous and would like on-person guidance. 

That is perfectly okay and wonderful that you have such self-awareness. We are available for Private Instruction for individuals and small groups in Asheville, NC or St. Augustine, FL. Please contact us for booking information!  




Join now at our $17 introductory rate!

Intro to SUP Yoga Course Outline

SUP 101 - Learn ALL about your equipment and how to use it!

COAST GUARD REQUIREMENTS - What is required of me on the water?

FALLING IN & GETTING BACK ON YOUR BOARD - this is essential before going on the water.

Launching Your Paddleboard - Learn how to launch safely from a dock or from land!

How to Paddle - We cover how to paddle on your knees, how to stand up on your board, and teach you correct paddle strokes!

Practicing Yoga on the Water - SYC's top 4 tips for adapting a yoga practice to the water

Plus a Full 45 minutes SUP Yoga Sequence to practice on the water  - practice with our founder, backed with close to 10 years of experience, from anywhere in the world!

Joining us for a private? Here are some of our



Will I get wet?  

At SUP Yoga Center, we are committed to using the highest quality equipment to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Our fleet of boards are BOGA YOGA paddleboards which are wider and thicker than an average all around shaped paddleboard; they are made to do yoga on! While we can't guarantee that you won't fall in, we are confident that the chance is very slim unless you are seeking to try advanced postures on the board.

What do I wear?  

Even though we anticipate that our clients won't fall in (unless they want to!), boat wake or other splashes can cause your paddleboard to get wet. We suggest that you wear athletic or swimwear that you are okay with getting wet and that will dry quickly; remember the ABC rule - anything but cotton!

I've never paddleboarded... can I still come?  

SUP Yoga Center is committed to offering a well-rounded experience on the water that is more than just a yoga class. Part of what we offer is exceptional guidance on correct SUP technique and skills! All SYC classes begin with an on-land instruction (SUP 101) to allow our clients to feel comfortable with basic strokes and their equipment before ever getting on the water. 

Where are you located?  

SUP Yoga Center is a completely mobile "floating yoga studio", which means you can find us on the road several times a year! Our home base is between Asheville, NC and St Augustine, FL, where you can find our regular classes. 

Is there an age limit?  

For safety concerns, children are not allowed (unless it is a special event) but ages 13-18 may attend with a parent or guardian. Water-loving yogis of all other ages are always welcome and encouraged to attend!

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