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BONUS! Now included in Online SYTT, a private zoom call with sup yoga center founder in order to grade your submissions as well as give you an opportunity to ask questions and connect with your teacher!

The top 2 problems we've solved with our Online Training...

1. Instructors can't afford the cost of training/travel

2. Instructors are unable to take the time off of work

Sound familiar?

To get you started, here is the overview of your online training schedule:

8 AM -4 PM, 22 April 2020 El Dorado Comm

This Online Training is the roadmap to your breakthrough as a Yoga Instructor (in a world where almost everyone you know is trying to make it as a yoga instructor, am I right?) . 

In an easy-to-follow timeline, your Online Teacher Training will teach you everything you need to know to be an incredible and knowledgeable Paddleboard Yoga Teacher, even if you've never been on a board before!



Get to know your training instructor, plus learn about what sets SUP Yoga Center Instructors apart from the rest of the industry!



Get back to the basics and refresh your mind on all of the important aspects of this ancient tradition such as the 8 Limbs & the Chakra System. Plus, a bonus video on finding your own unique teacher voice and why this will make all the difference in connecting to your students.


Learn all about the history and styles of SUP, SUP terms, how to carry & maintain equipment, correct SUP strokes & techniques, tips for safely launching from various spots, plus how to effectively teach SUP basics to your students!

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 3.03.51 PM.png

SYC Classes

This section will teach you all of the most important things for preparing for class, how to choose a good location for classes, the best ways to anchor your students, Jess' top tips for helping students adapt their practice to the water, plus have access to SUP Yoga Center's signature sequences to use for your own classes!


Learn vital skills for rescuing someone (conscious or unconscious) in emergency situations, different options for towing someone back to safety, plus we will go over various environmental concerns, how they might affect your classes, and how to handle them in order to keep your students safe in all circumstances.


The standards for our instructors goes beyond knowledge and skill, we are ambassadors for our planet. Here we will talk about how you can join us to be the change in the world and set yourself apart to be an asset in your paddle community! 

P1255244 copy.jpg


Our closing section and we give you a list of all of our favorite product recommendations (after close to a decade of trying them all), plus all of the information on how to easily launch your own Floating Yoga Studio!



This section is frequently updated with bonus postures and how to adapt them to a floating mat so that you can have a toolbox full of postures for your classes!

Meet your instructor!

Joining this training means joining our reforestation efforts! 

Forest Lake

Giving back to our planet has always been one of the most important things to SUP Yoga Center's Founder Jess Amendola. 

As proud members of 1% for the Planet and business partners with One Tree Planted, for every single person who enrolls in this training, we are committed to planting 11 trees in reforestation efforts.

Thank you for your contribution!


To put it into perspective, this same training in-person starts at $650, while private virtual classes with Jess Amendola start at $150/hour. Adding on the cost of travel expenses, meals, and time away from work, this Online Course can save you thousands of dollars for the same high quality training.

$555 USD
FLASH SALE! Enroll today for just

Payment Plan Options Available!

This course is a 25 hour continuing education training and includes a 6-month access period to complete. For additional time, students have the option to extend at 2-month increments. 

While all are welcome to join our trainings as a workshop, or to receive a limited certificate, in order to receive the full SUP Yoga Center Teacher Certification, we ask that all instructors be able to submit a current First Aid/CPR certificate and RYT200 or equivalent (please email to discuss what we can accept).  


  • Will I have a paper copy of my manual?
    The Online Training does not come with a paper manual. If you would like to receive a copy to keep, they are available for purchase in our Online Store.
  • How long will this course take me?
    The Online SUP Yoga Teacher Training is modeled after our in-person training which is a 25 hour course. The length of time it takes each person to complete can vary depending on how much time you will need to devote to learning and practicing the required skills. For example, some may pickup the paddle skills quickly and not need as much time as others, who may need to spend more time on the water practicing. How quickly you can move through the course also depends on being a motivated self-learner. If you can devote the time to it and stay on track, you can complete the training very quickly! We have students who complete the training in as little as 1-2 weeks and others who take upwards of 4 months. It varies across the board but ultimately how long it takes is completely up to you!
  • What days/times do I need to be present for this training?
    One of the best things about our Online Training is that you can work it completely around your schedule! This training is a combination of text and prerecorded video content that you can move through at any time that is best for you and at a pace that feels good! No need to take time off of your regular schedule, you can log-in anytime! Once you are finished with the course materials, you will be able to receive a private Zoom session with your instructor to go over your assignments and have a chance to connect one-on-one. This date/time will be scheduled at a convenient time for both people.
  • When can I start?
    The SUP Yoga Center Online Teacher Training is currently open for enrollment and you will be able to have immediate access upon registering!
  • How long will I have access to the course?
    You will have access to the Online Training for 6-months from the date of registration. We have found that this is way more than enough time for most of our students as it is only a 25 hour course. However, if you find that you would like access to the course for more time, you can extend in 2-month periods for $111. Please reach out to with "Course Extension Request" in the subject line to request an extension.
  • How does the Online Training work?
    The Online Training has worked incredibly well for the several hundred instructors who have joined us and we are very happy with the incredible reviews and feedback we've received. You will work through the course materials on land, learning the materials and content. There are several short quizzes throughout the course that will ensure that you are understanding and retaining the important information. Once you feel ready, you will take your newly learned knowledge out on the water to practice! After taking the time to practice, you will setup your camera or phone to film the required assignments to submit for approval. Once all assignments have been submitted, you will receive a private Zoom session with your instructor to go over your assignments and ask clarifying questions about anything you may need help or guidance with.
  • Will I have to take a test?
    The Online Training does not have a big scary final exam. It does have short quizzes throughout the course that will ensure that you are learning and retaining the important information. These quizzes can be taken over if you have not received a passing grade but they will need to be passed for final certification. The main "test" will be in your final assignments, to show that you can properly execute the required paddle and safety/rescue skills.
  • What do I get after I am certified?
    The SUP Yoga Center Teacher Training course is globally recognized and known in the SUP and SUP Yoga communities as the top and most comprehensible training in the industry. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality certification when choosing SUP Yoga Center. This includes a downloadable copy of your own SUP Yoga Center Instructor Certificate after the completion of the course. This training is also recognized by the Yoga Alliance and registered instructors can be eligible to receive 25 Continuing Education Hours after completing and passing our course. These hours will be "contact" for in-person and "non-contact" for online.
  • Do I need to have prior SUP experience?
    You do not! In fact, we find that it is even better when clients come to us without prior SUP experience that may have developed "bad habits". Our students who have had years of SUP experience always say the same thing: "I did not even realize there was a correct way to paddle!" If you have had experience, we can work to perfect your paddle skills. But prior paddleboarding experience is not required or necessary. By the end of this course, you will be a pro with your SUP skills!



I can’t say enough great things about SUP Yoga Center! Jess has so much knowledge to share about SUP yoga, paddle boarding, & truly is passionate about what she does. Thank you Jess for an unforgettable training. I learned much more than I ever expected! I am now running a very successful floating yoga studio & continuing to share this practice on water.


This course is 5-Star!!! 

If you are hesitating on whether an online paddleboard yoga course can work...stop hesitating and go ahead! Jess is so helpful and kind you will feel supported throughout if you need to reach out. The online resources are comprehensive, clear, and well set out. I learnt everything I needed to know and so much more and was given all the skills to feel ready to go out and set up & teach in real life. I cannot thank you enough Jess 🤗


This course has been a moral boost for me. I enjoyed every second of it and Jess is an amazing instructor that really motivates you to learn and improve your skills. Very satisfied and grateful! Thank you Jess 🙏




Jess is wonderful. The online training is laid out perfectly, easy to follow, with precise information to help get you on the water safely. Jess had wonderful feedback on my submitted videos which helped improved my skills. Highly recommended training. Thank you. 


Absolutely brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyed every second of this course, have learnt so much and feel confident now as a paddler with your expert feedback and support. Thank you for putting this training together online. 


Wow - I am so glad I did this training with Jess. Not only did I learn loads to help with my new paddleboarding skills, but I feel super confident in helping others feel safe and comfortable on a paddleboard now. Her years of experience teaching yoga on the board shines through, it makes the practice so much more accessible. I found her videos excellent and her feedback and communication invaluable. Very happy to have found this!

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