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SUP Yoga Center Classes

Standup Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga is a peaceful and fun way to take your practice outdoors and onto a floating mat. Our signature SUP Yoga Center sequences are designed to help you feel grounded and stable in this calming, yet empowering, flow.

We begin all of our classes on land with a few minutes of basic SUP instruction and stretching, ensuring all of our clients feel comfortable on a paddleboard. We then paddle to a chosen location to anchor together to our Floating Yoga Studio! No experience is necessary and we welcome beginners in both yoga and paddleboarding; in fact many of our students have never tried either!

Practicing yoga while floating on water, oftentimes with dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, and other sea life swimming by, is a magical experience that cannot be explained in words. We look forward to having you join us for this special practice!














Intro to SUP Yoga - an online course: 

We have created an online journey to introduce you to SUP Yoga, including basic aspects of paddleboarding plus a full SUP Yoga Center Sequence with our Founder Jess Amendola. We have made this a low-cost course so that it can be accessible to you! 


How do I follow an online course on the water?
This course can be completed in your home before going out on the water, learning all of the necessary skills and techniques first, or if you're comfortable with it, set your phone up on a tripod on a nearby dock so that you can follow along with the class on the water! For those who are really comfortable on the water, you may even mount your phone to the nose of your board and practice along with me on the water! 

I'm nervous and would like on-person guidance. 

That is perfectly okay and wonderful that you have such self-awareness. We are available for Private Instruction for individuals and small groups in Asheville, NC or St. Augustine, FL. Please contact us for booking information!  

Private SUP Yoga: 

Experience bliss on the water with our owner, master instructor and Boga Yoga Ambassador Jess Amendola,

catered to your specific individual or group needs. 

Please click here to inquire about private individual or private group classes.

Individual (2 hours) - $90

Couple - $150

After 2, additional $45 per person.

SUP Yoga Center students



Join this special workshop for just $55!




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