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How to Become a SUP Yoga Instructor and Start Your Own Stand-Up Paddleboard Business

Humans have long enjoyed the soothing and transformational properties of water. Being around bodies of water increases blood flow to the brain and heart, inducing a wonderful feeling of relaxation. When we have feelings of stress in our everyday lives, we take warm baths or long showers to clear our minds and achieve a sense of clarity. When we look at its boundless benefits, it is no surprise that teaching yoga on the water is soaring in popularity.


Water is the elixir and source of life, and yoga is a mind-body practice that creates calmness. The two together? An incredible experience that immerses you in serenity. We can store a lot of emotional energy in the body, and yoga is great for letting go of built-up tension. One of the benefits of Standup Paddleboard Yoga is that it allows you to release those negative feelings into a vast span of water and watch as it ripples away leaving you calm and content.

At Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga Center, we offer the perfect add-on to your yoga teacher certification. Located in Northeast Florida and Asheville, NC, we are the heart of SUP yoga. Learning to be a SUP yoga instructor requires time and resources but is an investment that could change your life. You already know and love the restorative properties of practicing and teaching yoga, so why not take it to water? A career as a Standup Paddleboard yoga instructor provides unique opportunities for personal and professional development that you would be hard pushed to find anywhere else.

Our course is specially designed to guide you on your own journey to an exciting, meaningful career transition. It has everything you need to become an empowered and enlightened Standup Paddleboard yoga teacher. Our experts will walk you through the perfect mindset and balance, to building paddle techniques and even coaching you on the aspects of creating your own business. To find out exactly what the SUP Yoga Center Standup Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training could do for you, join us below.


Here's What You Can Achieve:

Widen your knowledge of the yoga practice
Share the gift of yoga with the world
Join a community of SUP yoga teachers
Reap the rewards of Mother Nature
Build your own successful SUP Yoga business

1. Widen Your Knowledge of the Yoga Practice

You already know and love the benefits of traditional yoga, so Standup Paddleboard Yoga is the perfect way to level up your training. It is an invigorating twist on the exercise that provides a full-body workout with a difference! You may be doubting that you can master the necessary skills, but is a truth universally acknowledged that practice makes perfect…

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As a trained land yoga teacher, you will take to Standup Paddleboard yoga like a duck to water! The two are not as different as you might think, as they both require perfect balance and patience. Think of SUP Yoga as the next step in learning, as it refines your technique, is more calming, and really puts your body to work, all while being brilliantly fun!

Standup Paddleboard yoga may feel difficult at first, but our team of pro teachers will be with you every step of the way. The benefits of practicing outside of a studio are incredible to behold. Such a dramatic change of scenery to beautiful waters is rejuvenating for body and soul, and because extra focus is required you will naturally be more mindful. Being so close to water provides a rush of adrenaline that keeps you focused and motivated throughout the workout. What better way to learn the life lesson that if you fall, climb back on your board and try again!


Our signature Standup Paddleboard Yoga sequences are designed with you in mind, to ensure you feel stable while at one with the water. You will feel a sense of freedom as you take to the water. In order to feel grounded, you will anchor with your fellow students’ boards as we begin our flow.

In traditional yoga, setting an intention brings your attention and awareness to a virtue you wish to cultivate both on and off the mat. These virtues might be patience, gratitude, being present in the moment, love, or anything else you want to focus on. In Standup Paddleboard Yoga, you create an affinity with the water around you, allowing for much more meaningful intentions.

The obstacle of learning to balance on a paddleboard brings with it a deeper appreciation for yoga. As a student of the ancient practice, it is easy to become complacent and think that once you have mastered a repertoire of poses, you have learnt everything there is to know. No one ever “completes” yoga; it is an ongoing connection between mind and body. Practicing SUP yoga will strengthen your love for the exercise as it introduces new scents and sounds for an amazing sensory experience.

You will also find yourself engaging even more muscles for

a challenging full-body workout!

2. Share The Gift Of Yoga With The World

We believe that yoga is for everyone. Since the course began, we have seen over 400 instructors graduate from our comprehensive SUP Yoga Teacher Training! It warms our hearts to see so many lives improved and enhanced through the restorative gift of Standup Paddleboard yoga.

As a SUP instructor trainee, you will be equipped with all the necessary skills including paddle strokes, vital safety and rescue training, expert sequencing, and so much more. Our skilled and compassionate trainers will maximize your existing knowledge of yoga, allowing you to find peace of mind and strength of body on the water.

As we explore below, the SUP Yoga Center also offers Small Business Packages designed to help you launch your very own Floating Yoga Studio. We have led in the Standup Paddleboard Yoga industry for over 10 years, and over this time we have crafted the perfect packages for starting your own business. Paddleboarding increases in popularity each year, and yoga is an ancient practice that will never go out of fashion. Combine the two and you have a unique exercise that has an insane number of benefits for your wellbeing AND your career.

For over a year, the world has faced struggles that have forced us to spend extended periods of time indoors. This uniting experience has brought a new meaning to the idea of freedom. You deserve a flexible, accommodating career that puts you at the heart of nature. Your prospective clients are yearning for the opportunity to learn a unique type of yoga that allows them to be outdoors and surrounded by positive people.


Believe us, we have spent years finding the perfect products and systems, to a point where our trial and error has provided us with a list of dos and don’ts. So now is the perfect time to hop “on board”!

3. Join a Community Of SUP Yoga Teachers

The SUP Yoga Center is a family of empowered SUP Yoga enthusiasts. With our founder Jessica at the helm, the Center is dedicated to upskilling yoga teachers and introducing them to a dedicated group of coaches. Once you join the SUP Yoga Center community, you are part of a lifelong support team. We’ve got your back and are cheering you on to succeed!

We have received amazing feedback from our 400+ graduates who have found the course a truly transformative experience. Members have described the course as “life-changing”, “10/10”, and “one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.” An overarching theme from previous clients was the satisfaction that the course was affordable, attainable, and covered every aspect they needed to learn about Standup Paddleboard Yoga.

It is our passion to equip our learners with all of the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in Standup Paddleboard Yoga. This is a fantastic opportunity to upskill and learn a new type of yoga that you can share with others. In joining our community of teachers you will form lasting bonds with fellow yoga enthusiasts.

Thanks to our group courses, trainees are able to immerse themselves in learning Standup Paddleboard Yoga with a select group of like-minded people. Throughout the course and beyond, learners benefit from being able to share tips and techniques with their own group of similarly aligned people. This will work wonders for your personal and professional development as you take what you have learned and put it into practice!

4. Reap the rewards of Mother Nature

You probably know that being in nature makes you feel better emotionally and contributes to your physical wellbeing. Its effects are in fact so much more robust than this. Feeling safe in nature is an antidote for stress: it can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem, and improve mood.

There is something so special about being in a flow on the water, away from the distractions of daily life. With no demands on your time, only the ask that you relax your mind and body, Standup Paddleboard yoga will take you to a unique state of bliss. SUP yoga requires you to focus on the most important thing in your life: yourself. Any glancing round to check your form against others and you will find your board getting a little wobbly! You may be so used to comparing yourself to others that trying not to sounds terrifying but letting go will get you out of autopilot and build your self-belief.

It is a magical experience that opens your heart to this planet’s endless opportunities. Embracing a peaceful flow while dolphins, turtles, and other sea life swim by is like living inside a Disney film!

The SUP Yoga Teacher Training course is dedicated to giving back to nature, as it could not exist without Earth’s beautiful lakes and oceans. Our founder, the awesome Jessica Amendola, is a lover of the outdoors and extremely passionate about ocean conservation. She is committed to donating a portion of every penny we make right back to the planet so that the wonderful environment around us can continue to give us life.

Joining us on the SUP Yoga Teacher Training course will put you at the heart of nature, among the beauty of air and water, flora and fauna. Connecting to nature truly puts you in the moment.


5. Build Your Own SUP Yoga Business

Investing in SUP Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect way to take your yoga teaching to the next level. Our knowledgeable and skilled instructors will impart their water-based wisdom to help you stand out in the yoga industry.

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own yoga studio? Let me guess, your ingrained beliefs about money and career paths have told you that it is not plausible or profitable.

We believe wholeheartedly that you can have, and are worthy of, a career that is enjoyable and fulfilling as well as successful. Money can be a dirty word, and something we can often feel the need to sacrifice our happiness for. Our founder Jess is living proof that loving your job and making money are compatible, and wholly possible as long as you take that leap of faith.

As the popularity of Standup Paddleboard Yoga increases, so does the demand for brilliant teachers like you. That is why we have designed a range of SUP Yoga Center Small Business Packages to get you off to a flying start in launching your very own Floating Yoga Studio for when you complete the teacher training. We want your new venture to be a simple, positive, and successful experience so you can join us in one of the fastest-growing sports in the world!

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Our range of packages includes Basic, Premium, and Inflatable. All packages include paddleboards and paddles, lifejackets, leashes, carabiners, and many more pieces of equipment that are essential for leading your own learners on their Standup Paddleboard Yoga journey. We believe in you and your dream and we offer business training and coaching as part of our packages. With a range of choices, there really is something for everyone!

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