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TRAINING MARKDOWN - $1300 to $617 $427

Due to the current economic state of our world, we are happy to markdown our

Online SUP Yoga Teacher Training in order to make it more accessible to all.

We also will maintain our payment plan options of 1, 2, or 4 payments.

We look forward to having you in our community!

24 Hours Only!

BONUS! Now included in Online SYTT, a private zoom call with sup yoga center founder in order to grade your submissions as well as give you an opportunity to ask questions and connect with your teacher!

The top 2 problems we've solved with our Online Training...

1. Instructors can't afford the cost of training/travel

2. Instructors are unable to take the time off of work

Sound familiar?

To get you started, here is the overview of your online training schedule:

8 AM -4 PM, 22 April 2020 El Dorado Comm

This Online Training is the roadmap to your breakthrough as a Yoga Instructor (in a world where almost everyone you know is trying to make it as a yoga instructor, am I right?) . 

In an easy-to-follow timeline, your Online Teacher Training will teach you everything you need to know to be an incredible and knowledgeable Paddleboard Yoga Teacher, even if you've never been on a board before!

Discount code applied automatically!



Get to know your training instructor, plus learn about what sets SUP Yoga Center Instructors apart from the rest of the industry!



Get back to the basics and refresh your mind on all of the important aspects of this ancient tradition such as the 8 Limbs & the Chakra System. Plus, a bonus video on finding your own unique teacher voice and why this will make all the difference in connecting to your students.


Learn all about the history and styles of SUP, SUP terms, how to carry & maintain equipment, correct SUP strokes & techniques, tips for safely launching from various spots, plus how to effectively teach SUP basics to your students!

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 3.03.51 PM.png

SYC Classes

This section will teach you all of the most important things for preparing for class, how to choose a good location for classes, the best ways to anchor your students, Jess' top tips for helping students adapt their practice to the water, plus have access to SUP Yoga Center's signature sequences to use for your own classes!


Learn vital skills for rescuing someone (conscious or unconscious) in emergency situations, different options for towing someone back to safety, plus we will go over various environmental concerns, how they might affect your classes, and how to handle them in order to keep your students safe in all circumstances.


The standards for our instructors goes beyond knowledge and skill, we are ambassadors for our planet. Here we will talk about how you can join us to be the change in the world and set yourself apart to be an asset in your paddle community! 



This section is frequently updated with bonus postures and how to adapt them to a floating mat so that you can have a toolbox full of postures for your classes!

P1255244 copy.jpg


Our closing section and we give you a list of all of our favorite product recommendations (after close to a decade of trying them all), plus all of the information on how to easily launch your own Floating Yoga Studio!

Meet your instructor!

Hi, I'm jess! :)

To put it into perspective, this same training in-person starts at $1500, while private virtual classes with Jess Amendola start at $150/hour.

At 25 hours, that values this course at over $5,200!!



$617 $427 USD

*Now includes private zoom session with your instructor!!*


Discount code applied automatically!

Word on the mat is...


"I can’t say enough great things about SUP Yoga Center! Jess has so much knowledge to share about SUP yoga, paddle boarding, & truly is passionate about what she does. Thank you Jess for an unforgettable training. I learned much more than I ever expected! I am now running a very successful floating yoga studio & continuing to share this practice on water." -Trenna

"After teaching several seasons of Paddleboard Pilates, I decided to attend a SUP YOGA certification held by SUP Yoga Center. I am so happy I did! Jess was amazing - and I learned so much additional information from her training! I was also lucky enough to go through her online training - and if you are on the fence and wondering how you can learn to teach SUP virtually DO NOT BE! Jess has made it happen! Whether virtually or in person you will 100% be ready to teach on water after you pass your SUP YOGA CENTER cert! So happy to be a part of this wonderful community." - Lana


"All I can say is in my SUP yoga training certification class, I had people all around the world! Jess is an amazing instructor! She really cares about her students and the knowledge for safety! And that’s huge. If you want to start up your on practice or want to do it for fun, I highly recommend her training. Thanks Jess!!" - Daniel


"I absolutely recommend Jess and the SUP Yoga Center for training and classes. Jess is a knowledgable, fun, and accessible instructor. She teaches with the individual in mind and can take someone from anxious to confident in just one class. Thank you Jess!" -Bex


"Do take a class or train with SYC! I am eternally grateful for the education AND experience I received from Jess and SUP Yoga Center. The manual is a well-rounded, excellent resource. The hands-on and on-water training was fun, thorough and comprehensive. I feel comfortable and confident now that I can provide our clients with a truly safe and enjoyable experience. I know these seem like the most important aspects, but they weren't. What was truly remarkable about this training were the daily "above and beyond" aspects - from the correspondence leading up to and the welcoming accommodations at training to coffee breaks and healthy meals at local eateries, Jess Amendola goes above and beyond all reasonable responsibilities as an owner. Environmental education and beach cleanups are forever engrained in me, and or that I am forever grateful. If you haven't guessed, I highly recommend this training or just taking a class with SUP Yoga Center! (I am a real person leaving a real review. Feel free to message me.💙)" - Lindsay

"It comes very easily to say that Jess and SUP Yoga Center far exceeded my expectations when I embarked on the journey of SUP Yoga certification. Jess is truly an expert in the industry and provides a wealth of knowledge. She is a genuine soul that has an extraordinary passion for displaying kindness and compassion to the planet and the people she shares it with. My training was not only a course, but rather an experience that allowed me to truly embrace what it means to have a love and affinity for both my yoga practice and my passion ( and longing to return) for the ocean. I have a heart filled with gratitude for the journey that I took to St.Agustine to join SUP Yoga Center on a weekend full of wonderful training and experiences that will never be forgotten. I look forward to being able to share this addition in my yoga practice with lots of beautiful souls that are wanting to take their practice on the water. Thank you so much to SUP Yoga Center for the extraordinary training, the wonderful sights, delicious eats and all of the wonderful people that I was fortunate enough to meet along the way. I am feeling incredibly blessed for this beautiful adventure!!" -Tanya



"I took the Sup Yoga teacher training and it was life-changing. I originally signed up to take it in order to deepen my yoga practice on the water but after taking the class I truly feel I would love to teach. I have been paddleboarding for about three years and doing yoga practice on my board for about two and I love it, but this course made me love it more. EVERYTHING was covered, safety, paddle and paddle equipment, Yoga poses and modifications as well as the actual business of running your own floating yoga studio. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning more or truly wants their own floating studio." -Karen

"This was an awesome training; a premium experience worth the tuition expenses - I would have paid more!" -Blake

"12/10! I gained so much from this experience and I look forward to getting out on the water again!" -Sophia

"Awesome! Fully inclusive/covered everything/great leader! One of a kind and hard to beat." -Lisa, St Augustine

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